Coor Texts Reading Room

Welcome to the Coor Texts Reading Room information page! Please use the form below to let us know which books you are borrowing. If you have any questions, email us at

Reading room rules and regulations

General Rules and Regulations

The reading room is open to all Arizona State University students and faculty Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Outside of regular hours, the room is only open to SCETL faculty.

Food and drink are not permitted. Quiet conversation is permitted, but please be respectful of others who may be studying.

All of our reading room items are available for perusal in the reading room itself, and many of them are available for check out.

If you are looking for a specific item, please consult the catalog above. Book locations are designated by the name of the bay and the number of the shelf on which they are located. (For example, “Montesquieu 4” refers to the fourth shelf from the top in the Montesquieu book bay.)

If you wish to check an item out, please access the catalog above. The catalog will indicate if the item is available for checkout or not. If an item is listed as non-circulating, please do not remove it from the reading room. Otherwise, you may check it out simply by listing your first and last name, ASU e-mail address, and the date on which you borrowed the book. When you return the book, please indicate the date on which you returned it.

All books must be returned at the end of each semester.  

You will be notified if another patron requests a book you have checked out. In such a case you will have seven (7) days to return it.

Reading room patrons will be asked to replace lost or damaged items at their own expense.

Many items in our library are only available through generous long-term loans made by our faculty members, as noted in the catalog. Please take special care with these items just as you would if you were to borrow them directly from one of your professors or colleagues. Please also be aware that items on loan from a faculty member may be withdrawn from circulation at that faculty member’s discretion.

Special COVID-19 Regulations

Face coverings must be worn at all times in the reading room.

A hand sanitizer dispenser is located at the entrance to the reading room.  Please use it upon entering the reading room.

Please remember that food and drink are never permitted in the reading room.

While these special regulations are in effect, no more than four (4) people are permitted in the reading room at any one time.

All patrons are expected to abide by normal social distancing protocol while in the reading room.