The SCETL Student Assembly

The purpose of The SCETL Student Assembly is to establish a formal body by which the student voice of SCETL can be perpetually represented in current and future endeavors. SCETL’s intellectual mission is twofold: first, to look to the great thinkers of the past for the sake of illuminating the permanent questions that confront humanity and, second, to examine American ideas, institutions, and civic culture, their successes and failures, in order to understand our roles as responsible citizens.

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The Four Pillars of The SCETL Student Assembly


Enrich the student experience and culture of SCETL by providing the opportunity for friendship and comradery to be established.


Students taking an active role in recruitment and advocating on behalf of SCETL.

Personal Development

Develop the leadership and scholarship of students through opportunities for individual growth, mentorship, and service.


Ensure the inclusion of student voices in the future of SCETL.

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