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Welcome to a new kind of program. One that looks beyond time and borders to explore the fundamental questions of life, freedom, and governance. One that looks inward to the guiding principles of America’s founders and the leaders who have inspired us. One that combines classic works and altruistic statesmanship to develop a new kind of leader: trained in critical thought, humble about human imperfection, and ready for anything. 


Channel your ambition

Become a problem solver and servant leader who navigates differences, unifies interests, and finds common ground.


Inspire and be inspired

Stretch your intellect in a program that attracts strong leadership candidates and uses the most innovative resources available.


Shape the world around you

Solve real-world issues by harnessing the wisdom of classical liberal education with a focus on America’s Constitutional principles.

A New Class of Leaders

Can you see yourself here?

America was the first polity founded on ideas, and we keep generating new ones. Through rigorous coursework and strategic learning partnerships you will study the world’s greatest minds – and America’s greatest leaders – to dissect who we are and how we can become better.

If you want to make your mark on the world through public service and find yourself contemplating which principles made America thrive and which ones need reform, then you belong here. ASU will prepare you for the responsibilities you’ll face when your time to lead arrives.  

Over the past century, the United States has been a driving force in democracy, justice, and humanitarian efforts. Explore innovative solutions that address the core challenge of our sustainability: How do we continue to contribute to and benefit from the globalized era of humanity we helped build?  

The perspective you gain with a major, minor, or certificate from the School of Economic Thought and Leadership will inspire you to shape your field of study in ways you never dreamed possible.

ASU is #1 in the U.S. for innovation

The unprecedented complexities of the 21st century demand a new approach to developing leaders. The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership provides the multifaceted perspective and the comprehensive educational resources necessary to succeed in our globalized world. The result is a new breed of scholars who are uniquely positioned to address contemporary challenges through a traditional lens.

Free Speech and Intellectual Diversity in Higher Education and American Society

Public Programs

Each year, the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership, along with university partners like the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law,  invites thought leaders from around the country to present a variety of perspectives on a timely civic theme. Students get front-row access to some of the world's most influential thinkers discussing and debating some of today's most critical issues. 

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Charles Drummond: CEL 394 Ideological Origins of Anglo-American Liberty: Four Modern Revolutions


SCETL students look at relevant issues through a classical, liberal arts lens. Courses combining philosophy, history, economics, and political science teach students to examine great ideas and solve contemporary problems. Courses like "Great Ideas in Politics and Ethics,"  "Justice and Virtue," and "Great Debates in American Politics and Economics" prepare students for leadership in a diverse and changing world. 

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SCETL Global Intensive Experience in India, March 2018

Experiential Learning

Through a partnership with ASU Study Abroad, students will have opportunities, through the Global Intensive Experience program, to hone their leadership skills outside of the United States. In the Spring of 2018, twelve students, along with School Director, Paul Carrese, visited India, where they joined Fulbright scholars to discuss education in India, met with the editor of the leading Indian daily newspaper, and worked in teams at Barefoot college, a nonprofit dedicated to building sustainable communities in developing countries. 

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Upcoming Events


'Bringing America Together' with Arthur Brooks

Location: Old Main
Jan 24 2019 - 5:00pm

'Democratic Knowledge: A Roadmap for Rebuilding Civic Education' with Danielle Allen

Location: Memorial Union 221, Arizona Room
Apr 4 2019 - 5:00pm

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