'Marx on Economic Liberty and Its Relevance Today' with Jeffrey Reiman

About the Talk

In "Das Kapital," Marx says that capitalism is a system of "forced labour — no matter how much it seems to result from free contractual agreement." In my talk, I shall try to spell out the meaning and significance of this idea.

About the Speaker

Jeffrey Reiman is the author of "In Defense of Political Philosophy" (1972), "The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison: Ideology, Class, and Criminal Justice" (originally published in 1979, now in its 11th edition), "Justice and Modern Moral Philosophy" (1990), "Critical Moral Liberalism: Theory and Practice" (1997), "The Death Penalty: For and Against" (with Louis P. Pojman, 1998), "Abortion and the Ways We Value Human Life" (1999), "As Free And As Just As Possible: The Theory Of Marxian Liberalism" (2012) and more than 100 articles in philosophy and criminal justice journals and anthologies.

The Center for the Study of Economic Liberty
Mason Hunt
Nov 8 2018 - 4:30pm
Old Main, Carson Ballroom
Tempe campus