Movie Night With the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership

Come join us for FREE pizza and a viewing of the science fiction film "Gattaca".
In the world of "Gattaca", genetic engineering has generated a society in which every member is categorized and determined by genetic origin. The film depicts a dystopian society in which one’s genomic scores determine one’s caste and fate in the society.  
The film’s hero, Vincent, was conceived the old-fashioned way, without genetic engineering and, as a result, the society categorizes him as an “in-valid.” His dream is to be an astronaut, but he is fated by his genes to be a janitor. Vincent impersonates a “valid” but is in danger of discovery prior to his first space flight.
Can technology produce such a world? What happens to individual freedom when and if technology catches up to the dystopic society we see depicted in "Gattaca"? What are the social and legal implications of a world in which parents can select the characteristics of their children from appearance to talent? Will the result be a scientifically sanctioned caste system?  
Does the existence of genetic engineering guarantee a dangerously unequal dystopia? Or would American political principles that protect equal liberty and equality remain in effect, and safeguard against inequality brought about by such technology?
SCETL Events Team
Jan 14 2020 - 6:00pm
Memorial Union, Pima Auditorium 230
Tempe campus