Student Stories

Hear from our students about what brought them to Arizona State University, how they discovered the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership and how they plan on applying their education to their futures. 

"It’s a world-changing experience."

As a transfer student from Chicago, Illinois, Dominic F. was drawn to Arizona State University because of the rankings of the schools in the University and the different global programs they have to offer, which he has taken advantage of by going on the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership’s Global Intensive Experiences to Israel and the West Bank. During this 10-day experience, he was able to research, explore, work and collaborate with Israeli and Palestinian political groups, think tanks and religious leaders.

Lowering the barriers to education.

Julia, an Arizonan native, spent 2 months in Israel this summer. Following the end of the Global Intensive Experience with the school of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership, Julia remained in Tel Aviv and worked as an intern for the African Refugee Development Center as a higher education caseworker with Sudanese and Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers to help get them resources to apply for university, look into vocational and language education, and help them get integrated into the Israeli society.

A Passion for Civic Discourse

Justin attended his second GIE in Israel and the West Bank in May 2019, which was the first trip to the deeply conflicted nation in ASU’s history. For Justin, this was an opportunity to learn more about conflict and its impacts on people’s lives. “I had the opportunity to speak with people on both sides of the political issue of the Israeli-Palestinean conflict, and actually hear their perspectives first hand. That was incredible.”