Philosophy, Politics and Economics  (Certificate)

Prepare to become an active, engaged citizen in American life and our globalized world. Join us and become an adaptive thinker and leader.

Program Description

ASU’s interdisciplinary Certificate in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) expands students’ perspectives about moral, economic, and political issues, and provides them with conceptual tools to understand and address major problems in the world today.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics Certificate

Pressing social problems, from institutional discrimination and climate change to criminal justice reform and fair wages, are complex. Obvious solutions often create unintended consequences that compound the original problem. By integrating the approaches of philosophy, politics and economics, the certificate offers a holistic understanding of such problems and of possible solutions – great preparation for leadership in the public or private sectors. 

You will develop analytical skills and acquire useful concepts through a course in each of these disciplines, and have the opportunity to integrate them through both an introductory and a capstone course. These courses will complement your degree and add value to your career in public office, law, business, philanthropy, engineering, journalism among others.

The PPE certificate is a collaboration between four ASU units: the School of History, Philosophical and Religious Studies, the School of Politics and Global Studies, the Department of Economics in the W. P. Carey School of Business, and the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership.

The Center for the Study of Economic Liberty offers further programming and community for students and faculty in the PPE program.

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At a Glance: program details

  • Location: Tempe campus
  • Additional Program Fee: No
  • Second Language Requirement: No

Program Requirements

The certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics requires a minimum of 15 credit hours, of which at least 12 must be upper division. All courses for the certificate must be completed with a minimum grade of "C" (2.00 on a 4.00 scale). For more information, contact the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership.

Required Courses - 6 credit hours

CEL 350: Philosophy, Politics & Economics (3)

CEL 485: Capstone Seminar in Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership (3)

Economic Electives (choose one) - 3 credit hours

CEL 394 / ECN 394: Classical to Modern Economic Thought (3)

ECN 306: Survey of International Economics (SB & G) (3)

ECN 360: Economic Development (SB & G) (3)

Philosophy Electives (choose one) - 3 credit hours

PHI 306: Applied Ethics (HU) (3)

PHI 307: Philosophy of Law (HU) (3)

PHI 325: Philosophy of Social Science (HU or SB) (3)

PHI 336: Social and Political Philosophy (HU) (3)

PHI 337: Ethical Theory (HU) (3)

PHI 360: Business and Professional Ethics (HU) (3)

Political Science Electives (choose one) - 3 credit hours

POS 340: History of Political Philosophy I (HU & H) (3)

POS 341: History of Political Philosophy II (HU & H) (3)

POS 346: Problems of Democracy (HU) (3)

POS 442: American Political Thought (HU) (3)

POS 443: Topics in Contemporary Political Theory (HU) (3)

POS 475: Morality and Politics (3)

Depending on a student's undergraduate program of study, prerequisite courses may be needed in order to complete the requirements of this certificate.

Enrollment Requirements

A student pursuing an undergraduate certificate must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at ASU. Undergraduate certificates are not awarded prior to the award of an undergraduate degree. A student already holding an undergraduate degree may pursue an undergraduate certificate as a nondegree-seeking graduate student.

Program Contact Information

If you have questions related to admission, please click here to request information and an admission specialist will reach out to you directly. For questions regarding faculty or courses, please use the contact information below.

  • (480) 965-0155