Fall 2020 course list

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership offers four distinct academic tracks in our curriculum. Each track will allow you to graduate on time, however, includes courses that allow you to tailor your academic experience to your goals and interests.

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Required Core Courses

CEL 100 Great Ideas Politics & Ethics | 
Kent Wright (Class #85413)
Theresa Smart (First-year CEL majors only - Class #88828)
Jakub Voboril (Class #89979)
Trevor Shelley (Class #90043)
Jordan Dorney (Session A: Class #91893 | Session B: Class #93238
New faculty (Class #92922)
Explore the roots of political order, from ancient Greece to modern India.

*satisfies Humanities requirement

CEL 200 Great Debates of American Politics & Economics | 
Adam Seagrave (Class #91905)
Zachary German (Class #91906)
Jakub Voboril (Class #92923)
Study the debates over fundamental American principles — such as liberty, equality, constitutionalism and democracy — that have defined American history and continue to shape public discourse today.

*satisfies Humanities requirement

CEL 300 Capitalism & Great Economic Debates | Class #85411
Professor: Peter McNamara 
Explore the relationship, positive or negative, between markets and morality in a capitalist system.

CEL 475 Statesmanship and American Strategy*
Professor: Luke Perez
Examine the intellectual origins, development and implementation of American strategic thought from its roots in the ancient Greeks through the Cold War and beyond.
*This course will be available in Spring 2021. 

Moral and Political Thought

CEL 494 Political Thought: Islam, Hinduism, and Confucianism | Class #84017
Professor: Paul Carrese
Compare selected texts in political thought, across civilizations or traditions, that address the ultimate foundation(s) for basic political principles such as justice and order with a special focus on the relationship between reason, religious faith, and custom or tradition as sources of authority for political thinking and action.

*satisfies Humanities requirement

CEL 494 Virtues for Leadership | Class #91902
Professor: Theresa Smart
This course introduces the field of virtue ethics as a framework for understanding leadership and its relation to personal character.

CEL 494 Montesquieu & the Modern World | Class #91903
Professor: Kent Wright
Montesquieu and the Modern World will provide students with a thorough introduction to Montesquieu, the major political thinker of 18th-century France.

American Political and Economic Thought

CEL 294 American Constitution 1 | Class #83899
Professor: Sean Beienburg
This course is designed as the first of a two-part sequence on the Constitution and its law and development, with an emphasis on the powers and structures of government, specifically federalism, the separation of powers, and rule by the law of the Constitution itself.

CEL 394 Arizona Politics and Constitutionalism | Class #87116 
Professor: Sean Beienburg 
Study of the Arizona state constitution and its relation to the Constitution of the United States, as well as recent and contemporary Arizona state politics. 

CEL 394 Liberalism and Conservatism in America | Class #83935
Professor: Duncan Moench
This course will examine two of the most prominent categories in American politics today: "liberalism" and "conservatism."

*satisfies Humanities requirement

CEL 394 Hamilton & the Founders | Class #92215
Professor(s): Peter McNamara and Zachary German 
In the lead-up to the return of Hamilton to Tempe and Arizona State University, this course on the American Founding will explore the roles of Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington and Adams in the American Revolution, the creation of the Constitution, and the party battles of the 1790s.

Economic Thought and Political Economy

CEL 394 Philosophy, Politics and Economics | Class #87121
Professor: Ross Emmett
Explore the crucial intersections between these three normally separated disciplines.

Leadership and Statesmanship for the 21st Century

CEL 294 Political Speechwriting | Class #87120
Professor: Duncan Moench
Study and analyze great political speeches of history and learn how to apply rhetorical techniques and skills to the kinds of political contexts in which politicians might find themselves today.

CEL 394 Shakespeare's Leadership Lessons in the Pines | Class #87124
Susan Carrese
Carol McNamara
This pre-fall Leadership Seminar is a week-long residential course focused on approaching leadership learning through literary exemplars that takes students to Prescott, Arizona.

CEL 494 U.S. National Security Policy Design | Class #89418
Professor: Col. Bruce Pagel
Explore the US national security architecture and the process the US uses to formulate national security policy.

CEL 494 Just War | Class #87123
Professor: Luke Perez
This course will focus on the lives, times, and leadership qualities of prominent American leaders throughout our history.

"SCETL is kind of a mix of a few things. You get economics, you get history, you get philosophy all blended into one, which is a really cool and unique experience to be able to hear from all of these different schools of thought and you get to challenge yourself."

- Justin H. 

Course Spotlights

Explore the roots of political order, from ancient Greece to modern India or study the debates over fundamental American principles! Hear directly from our students and faculty on what civic and economic thought and leadership courses are all about.