The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership offers four distinct academic tracks in our curriculum. Each track will allow you to graduate on time, however includes courses that allow you to tailor your academic experience to your goals and interests. 

The courses available for the Spring 2020 Semester are: 

Moral & Political Thought

CEL 100 Great Ideas Politics & Ethics | 
Karen Taliaferro (Class #25346)
Kent Wright (Class #25345)
Explores the roots of political order, from ancient Greece to modern India.
*satisifies Humanities requirement

CEL 294 Enlightenment and Revolution: Political Thought in Europe, 1685-1815 | Class #31331
Professor: Kent Wright
Survey the classics of European social and political thought from the beginnings of the Glorious Revolution in England to the end of the French Revolution.

CEL 394 Justice and Virtue | Class #24741 | (HU) (L)
Professor: Theresa Smart
Explore the questions at the center of political and personal morality, and what it means to be a good citizen, through careful reading of Classical Greek and Roman thinkers. 

CEL 394 Theories of Democratic Citizenship | Class #31129
Professor: Michael Zuckert
Answer challenging questions around what it means to be a good citizen in our democracy, and whether or not democratic citizenship differs from other forms of government. 

CEL 494 Politics and Literature: Shakespeare's Political Realism | Class #24741
Professor: Carol McNamara
Investigate the ideas of political realism and leadership through Machiavelli and Shakespeare’s writings on power politics.

American Political Thought

CEL 200 Great Debates of American Politics | Class #24738
Professor(s): Jordan Dorney, Zach German
Study the debates over fundamental American principles — such as liberty, equality, constitutionalism and democracy — that have defined American history and continue to shape public discourse today.
*satisifies Humanities requirement

CEL 294 Social Justice Movements in the United States | Class #24740
Professor: Duncan Moench
Explore the history of contemporary social justice ideology – from abolitionism to progressivism.

CEL 294 Race and the American Story | Class #26341
Professor: Adam Seagrave
Listen in on — and join — the conversations we have had about race in the U.S. from the Declaration of Independence to Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

CEL 394 Lincoln: Rhetoric, Thought and Statesmanship | Class #28685 | (HU) (L)
Professor: Zach German
Dive into the political thought, rhetoric and statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln, both before and during America's deadliest conflict, the Civil War. 

CEL 494 Civil Liberties and Rights | Class #24742
Professor: Sean Beienburg
Study the basic individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution, specifically looking at the Bill of Rights, as well as the 14th Amendment.

Economic Thought & Political Economy

CEL 345 Classics of Modern Economic Thought | Class #24521
Professor: Peter McNamara
Study major economic thinkers since 1900, focusing on those who have had a significant policy impact.

CEL 394 Classical and Modern Economic Thought | Class #30765
Professor: Ross Emmett
Study the economic doctrines of both classic and modern economic approaches from Adam Smith to Vernon Smith. 

CEL 394 The American Political Economy | Class #29249
Professor: Peter McNamara
Explore the relation between the market and the state in the U.S. since 1900 focusing on the major transformations and crises of that period.

Leadership & Statesmanship for the 21st Century

CEL 394 Left & Right Around the World | Class #26957
Professor: Duncan Moench
Discover the similarities and differences of left and right political thinking around the world. 

CEL 475 Statesmanship & American Strategy | Class #25344
Professor: Luke Perez
Examine the intellectual origins, development and implementation of American strategic thought from its roots  in the ancient Greeks through the Cold War and beyond.

CEL 394 U.S. National Security Challenges in the 21st Century 
Professor: Col. Bruce Pagel
Dive into vexing, yet critical 21st Century national security facing the United States today, including a rising China and aggressive Russia, threats in North Korea and Iran, and much more. 

CEL 494 U.S. National Security Policy — Afghanistan | Class #31257
Professor: Col. Bruce Pagel
Examine U.S. national security and how the United States formulates its national security policy, specifically as it relates to Afghanistan, including the "peace" negotiations, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism issues.  

Masters courses

CEL 598 Classic Texts on Leadership and Statesmanship | Course #27781 | 
Professor: Catherine Zuckert
Develop a deeper understanding for the people who “make” history and how they make it through selections of Shakespeare, Lincoln and other great works. 

School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership

"SCETL is kind of a mix of a few things. You get economics, you get history, you get philosophy all blended into one, which is a really cool and unique experience to be able to hear from all of these different schools of thought and you get to challenge yourself." - Justin H.