Advisors at the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership

Advisory Board Members

David Brady
Stanford University and Hoover Institution

Morris Fiorina
Stanford University and Hoover Institution

Daniel "Dan" P. Kessler
Stanford University and Hoover Institution

Harvey Mansfield
Harvard University

Catherine Zuckert
University of Notre Dame

Special Advisor 

Arthur Brooks
Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School
Arthur C. Patterson Faculty Fellow at the Harvard Business School

National Board of Counselors

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership at Arizona State University has formed a National Board of Counselors to advise the school on its mission to develop a new understanding of America’s civic principles and to help foster a vigorous and civil discourse.

The National Board of Counselors, which held its first meeting in March at ASU’s Barrett & O'Connor Washington Center in Washington, D.C., will also work with the school’s Center for Political Thought and Leadership. These national and civic leaders are committed to:

  • Improving civil discourse and constructive disagreement in our democracy.

  • Increasing America’s engagement in and learning about the fundamental civic principles that should inform robust debate on political and economic issues.


Kathleen Kennedy Townsend — former lieutenant governor of Maryland.

Jon Kyl — former U.S. representative and senator from Arizona.


Dan Cardinali — president and CEO, Independent Sector.

Ron Christie — former special assistant for domestic policy to President George W. Bush.

Grady Gammage Jr. — senior research fellow, ASU’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy.

Tom Gentzel — former executive director and CEO, National School Boards Association.

Rich Lowry — editor in chief, “The National Review.”

Donald Graham — former publisher, “The Washington Post.”

Marc Morial — president, National Urban League.

Anna Tovar — Mayor of Tolleson, Arizona and former state legislator.