Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Certificate)

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Prepare to become an active, engaged citizen in our democratic and globalized world through this multidisciplinary certificate. Expand your perspective on moral, economic and political issues while acquiring the analytics skills that will enable you to thrive in today's world.

Program Description

The philosophy, politics and economics certificate program provides students with a foundation in each of these three fields, as well the opportunity to consider how to integrate the three disciplinary perspectives through both the introductory and capstone courses.

The program offers core concepts, tools and content in the fundamental disciplines of ethics, politics and economics, providing students the means to address social and political challenges.

Program Requirements

The certificate in philosophy, politics and economics requires 15 credit hours, of which at least 12 must be upper division. All courses for the certificate must be completed with a minimum grade of "C" (2.00 on a 4.00 scale). Students should contact the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership for more information.
Required Courses -- 6 credit hours
Economic Electives -- 3 credit hours
Philosophy Electives (choose one) -- 3 credit hours
Political Science Electives (choose one) -- 3 credit hours
Prerequisite courses may be needed in order to complete the requirements of this certificate.

Enrollment Requirements

A student pursuing an undergraduate certificate must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at ASU. Undergraduate certificates are not awarded prior to the award of an undergraduate degree. A student already holding an undergraduate degree may pursue an undergraduate certificate as a nondegree-seeking graduate student.

Career Outlook

The certificate emphasizes the transferability of the knowledge and skills gained in philosophy and economics to practical problems of political and societal governance.

The certificate prepares students for a range of important career opportunities --- and, more generally, to be leading citizens and contributors across many sectors of life, public or private, political affairs or civil society. Graduates of the program in Europe, the U.S. and around the globe have had successful careers in business administration, consulting, finance, government and political affairs, health care, industry, international affairs, international development, investment banking, journalism, law, management, marketing, public policy, the tech sector and various nonprofit organizations.

Example Careers

Students who complete this degree program may be prepared for the following careers. Advanced degrees or certifications may be required for academic or clinical positions.


  • Growth: 6.3%
  • Median Salary*: 113940
  Bright Outlook

Political Scientists

  • Growth: 6.6%
  • Median Salary*: 128020
  Bright Outlook


  • Growth: 3.4%
  • Median Salary*: 48090


  • Growth: 4.5%
  • Median Salary*: 98590
  Bright Outlook

* Data obtained from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) under sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA).

Program Contact Information

If you have questions related to admission, please click here to request information and an admission specialist will reach out to you directly. For questions regarding faculty or courses, please use the contact information below.