Global Experiential Courses

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership offers Global Experiential Courses during academic breaks. These are opportunities to travel and apply themes learned in classes to real service and leadership projects abroad. 

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GIE: SCETL Leadership and Service Global Intensive Experience: India


A leadership workshop "in the field" of urban New Delhi and rural Rajasthan, India. December 10 - 22, 2022 (including travel times)

Global Intensive Experience India

Imagine yourself traveling to India's urban and political heart, New Delhi, to engage with cultural, religious, political, and economic leaders, then interacting with university students in a peer-to-peer leadership workshop. This 3-credit course will take you to rural Rajasthan to practice and allow you to hone your leadership skills on service projects building civil society in collaboration with the Barefoot College NGO. You will also visit the iconic Taj Mahal and reflect on ancient, medieval, and modern "greatness." This global experience will increase your global awareness, help you develop a robust service-learning experience, and strengthen your leadership skills. 

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Prior to traveling, student participants will join classmates and faculty in the study and discussion of culture, politics, and relevant contemporary issues in the countries they will visit. During their travels, Global Intensive Experience participants will research, explore, work, and collaborate with people from different backgrounds and perspectives in order to gain a deeper understanding of the important issues that they will need to consider in order to be effective, thoughtful, globally-conscious leaders. 

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Global Intensive Experiences

"This experience changed my worldview and challenged my mindset by exposing me to a completely new culture and community. I was able to hear diverse perspectives and opinions on politics, service, and leadership."  - Carla N.

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Global Intensive Experiences

“Studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict right there in Palestine, right there in Israel, was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I really don’t think ASU offers anything like it.”  - Dominic F.

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Global Intensive Experiences

"It’s so important you take advantage of that short time by being present in every single conversation and engaging with all of the speakers... because that is not something you are going to be able to get once you come back to Arizona." - Julia J.

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