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What can future leaders learn from today’s most prominent scholars and commentators?

Keeping It Civil is a new podcast produced by the School of Economic Thought and Leadership that seeks answers to key questions about the future of American life with fast-paced interviews with scholars and intellectuals. Hosted and produced by Lecturer and award-winning journalist B. Duncan Moench, PhD.

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Featured episodes

Musa Al Gharbi | The Actual Beneficiaries of “White Privilege” and Misconceptions of Trump’s Supporters

Al Gharbi’s remarkable life story and the smear campaign that drove him from Univ. of Arizona; How getting attacked by Fox News spurred his experiment in framing arguments, which changed his life. Debunking the sociological myths of Trump supporters. 

Jonah Goldberg | “Conflict” vs. “Consensus” history pt. 1 of 2

Part one of Duncan’s interview with Jonah Goldberg. Duncan and Jonah discuss how the Howard Zinn approach to American history (the so-called “conflict school”) has changed higher education and why American students fail to appreciate the uniqueness of the American liberal tradition.

Harvey Mansfield | The Ivy League’s Last Conservative on Cancel Culture

Harvey Mansfield, Harvard University professor and political philosophy scholar, joins Duncan Moench to discuss being the last (explicitly) conservative professor teaching at an Ivy League university, and how cancel culture reflects serious problems with contemporary liberalism.