Master of Arts in Classical Liberal Education and Leadership

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership is launching a new master's program in Classical Liberal Education and Leadership. 

The school provides its students a curriculum focused on classical liberal arts education and leadership. The school was established to prepare future leaders in government, law, business and civil society. 

This new master's program was developed in part to meet the demand for a classical liberal education. Designed for teachers in classical academics and charter schools, the school's master's program will equip these educators with practical ideas for developing their students as liberally educated learners and thoughtful citizens. 

The school currently offers its students a B.A., a B.S., and a minor in Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership. 

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The planned master's program will challenge students to embrace a higher level of learning. They will read and discuss foundational works in a variety of fields including literature, politics, philosophy, and natural science.