Work outside of the classroom | Taylor's Student Story

Thanks to the Next Generation Service Corps scholarship, Taylor S. found herself at Arizona State University creating her own four + one program that will allow her to graduate with a degree in urban and environmental planning this May, and a masters in Spring 2021. 

Taylor’s scholarship is a four-year leadership development program that trains students to address complex societal challenges, such as homelessness, hunger, education and water scarcity. Along with completing three internships and volunteering 10 hours a semester, the students get together outside of class to work on their chosen mission. 

Since the start of the year, Taylor has been working on her mission to end human trafficking. “We’re doing a lot of volunteering, research, and understanding of what human trafficking is; what are the causes of it and what are some complex solutions to it. And not just a bandaid... actual solutions to human trafficking.” 

The Next Generation Service Corps scholarship is what led Taylor to attend an event with the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership. From there, she learned about the school’s Global Intensive Experiences and found herself as part of the cohort that went to India in January of 2020. 

When asked about the most memorable part of the experience, Taylor reflected on the time spent with her classmates, “We were a really diverse group especially when it comes to our opinions politically and socially and I have never met classmates that could speak so respectfully to each other.” 

Meeting with political leaders in India, working on a digital literacy curriculum at Barefoot College and having thought-provoking conversations with her classmates provided Taylor with tools that she feels will make a positive impact on her future career. 

“I really want to work for a municipal agency, specifically City of Tempe or City of Scottsdale – that's my dream career. I want to make sustainable impacts on the community that I love.” 

As an Urban Planner, she will be expected to hold public forums, write legislation and cast votes for things that will impact a city’s development. For Taylor, the civic and economic thought and leadership courses, and the work she does with the Next Generation Service Corps, have helped her become a stronger public speaker and have allowed her to better understand the perspectives of others when it comes to political issues.

“I think that's what makes SCETL and NGSC really compatible is both these programs are willing to work outside of the classroom to understand something.” 

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership offers Global Intensive Experiences during academic breaks. These are opportunities to travel and apply themes learned in classes to real service and leadership projects abroad. Prior to traveling, student participants will join classmates and faculty in the study and discussion of culture, politics, and relevant contemporary issues in the countries they will visit. During their travels, GIE participants will research, explore, work, and collaborate with people from different backgrounds and perspectives in order to gain a deeper understanding of the important issues that they will need to consider in order to be effective, thoughtful, globally-conscious leaders.