Undergraduate Advising

At Arizona State University, academic advising is a collaborative teaching relationship among advisors, students, faculty and the university community. Our advising mission is to further the university’s teaching mission by providing quality, accessible advisement to all students. Throughout your time here, your advisor will help you make a success transition into the university and make progress towards your educational goals and graduation.

Whether you need pre-professional counseling and degree planning, scholarship assistance, or extra-curricular activity suggestions, your advisor can help you. Your advisor will also show you how manage your schedule using the Degree Audit Reporting System, known as DARS, as well as find research opportunities and internships.

In the School of Civic and Economic Thought and leadership, advisors are part of the educational process providing information and guidance to help students understand curricula, policies and procedures. They help students identify academic and career goals, create and implement plans, and assume responsibility for their education. As such, we encourage you to meet with your advisor regularly. Together, you’ll develop a path to graduation and beyond.

Academic Advising for first-year students

During your first year, first-year students and transfer students will meet with an advisor to provide you with meaningful plans to meet your academic and career goals. To find your advisor, check your MyASU page. 

First-Year Advising.

Academic Advising for second+ at ASU

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