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A crucial premise of our constitutional democracy is an informed electorate, one that understands self-government and is inspired to participate. A core mission of the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership is to help educators teach civics and to elevate civics literacy and informed citizenship in Arizona and beyond.

This CivEd platform makes it easier for everyone to gain access to the educational tools they need to thrive as citizens and leaders in our democratic republic. The menu includes videos of our free public lectures, especially the Civic Discourse Project; our civic literacy curriculum, with templates designed for all ages; our podcasts and other media; and our research projects. You can browse the collection, and use the Dashboard to guide you toward particular ideas and educational levels.  

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CivEd makes it easier for everyone to gain access to vital educational tools they need to thrive as citizens and leaders in our democratic republic.

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CivEd Initiatives 

CivEd The Arizona Constitution Project 

The Arizona Constitution Project 

The Arizona Constitution Project aims to make the founding document of our state more accessible. Through free pocket constitutions, multiple versions of the digital constitution, and a living repository that tells the story of the state's founding convention and its early years, the Arizona Constitution Project provides the state of Arizona easier access to its constitution and the story of its creation.

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CivEd ​​​​​​​The Civic Classic Collection

The Civic Classic Collection

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership has begun to build a Civic Classics Collection of rare books and manuscripts in collaboration with ASU’s Hayden Library intended to support the school’s mission of civic education through use in classroom environments and public programming. 

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CivEd ​​​​​​​The Civic Discourse Project

The Civic Discourse Project

The Civic Discourse Project is a multi- year project addressing the pressing issues of our times.  Each year, the project addresses a particular important theme by inviting the top minds- civic leaders, academics, public intellectuals - engaged in thinking through the big ideas and challenges facing American society, to discuss and explore them with our community. Aired on Arizona PBS and available online, the project has featured famous American writers, journalists, political minds and academics. 

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CivEd The Civic Literacy Curriculum

The Civic Literacy Curriculum
*From the Center of American Civics

The Civic Literacy Curriculum is a free online resource designated for high school students and teachers preparing to be more engaged in our civic society. Comprised of seven sections that include recent and U.S. history, the U.S. Constitution, citizens' rights and responsibilities, and more, the Civic Literacy Curriculum is based off of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Test given to people applying for citizenship. Each section includes a brief study guide, informational videos, flash cards and a section quiz.

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CivEd ​​​​​​​Doing Business North America

Doing Business North America

* From the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty

The Doing Business North America (DBNA) project provides objective measures of the scale and scope of business regulations in 115 cities across 92 states, provinces, and federal districts of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. It uses these measures to score and rank cities in regard to how easy or difficult it is to set up, operate, and shut down a business. 

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Keeping it Civil

Keeping It Civil is a podcast that seeks answers to key questions about the future of American life with fast-paced interviews with scholars and intellectuals. 

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CivEd The Pandemic Dialogues Podcast

The Pandemic Dialogues Podcast

Plagues have occurred throughout recorded history and strained the fabric of civil societies, yet they don't break them irreparably. They also have provoked philosophers and poets to understand larger questions raised by such trauma. This podcast includes opportunities for similar discussion by focusing on passages from Camus' The Plague. Listeners can connect with the faculty via Twitter

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CivEd The Pandemic Dialogues Webinar Series

The Pandemic Dialogues Webinar Series

Join us for a series of virtual discussions around works of literature, political thought, and popular culture that examine how pandemics impact society. The webinars allow a livestream audience to pose questions to our guest experts.

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CivEd Race and the American Story

Race and the American Story

Race and the American Story is a national educational movement dedicated to cultivating conversation, fostering understanding, broadening knowledge, and building community among people of different backgrounds and walks of life in the U.S.

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CivEd Video Catalog

Video Catalog

Watch more than 70 of the school's previous lectures, conference talks and visiting scholar conversations from the past three years. And if you would like to follow all of our video content, subscribe to our Youtube page.

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