Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership Curriculum

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership offers four distinct academic tracks in its curriculum. To graduate with a degree in civic and economic thought and leadership, students are required to take all of the required core courses and at least one course from each academic track.

“I’m better in my STEM classes because of SCETL, but I’m also better in my SCETL classes because of my STEM major.”

- Ariana A., neurobiology major and CEL minor 

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Listed below are the civic and economic thought and leadership course options as of Spring 2020. If you have any questions, you can schedule an academic advising appointment.  

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Moral and Political Thought

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Study the questions at the heart of ethics and politics through the study of classics and contemporary texts.

Available courses

CEL 194 The Trial of Galileo | (G)

CEL 294 American Constitution I | (H)

CEL 294 Enlightenment & Revolution: Political Thought in Europe 1685-1815

CEL 294 Federalists, Anti-Federalists & Enduring Debate

CEL 294 Women in Political Thought and Leadership | (L)

CEL 305 Classical Political Philosophy: The Greeks

CEL 320 Modern Political Thought: origins and Debates about Modern Liberty

CEL 394 Classical Political Philosophy & Statesmanship  

CEL 394 Democracies in Crisis 

CEL 394 Justice and Virtue

CEL 394 Liberty and Equality

CEL 394 Natural Law & the Common Good

CEL 394 Theories of Democratic Citizenship 

CEL 494 Political Thought: Islam, Hinduism, and Confucianism

CEL 494 Politics & Literature/Shakespeare Prince | (L or HU)

American Political Thought

Available courses

CEL 235 Debating American Constitutionalism | (HU)

CEL 294 Race and the American Story | (C)

CEL 294 The American Constitution

CEL 294 Social Justice Movements in the U.S.

CEL 394 Arizona Politics & Constitutionalism

CEL 394 Liberalism and Conservatism in America 

CEL 394 Lincoln: Rhetoric, Thought, Statesmanship | (L or HU)

CEL 394 Political Thought & Leadership of James Madison 

CEL 394 Tocqueville on Liberty, Equality and Democracy

CEL 394 Transatlantic Perspectives on Democracy

CEL 494 Law of the Constitution: Government and Powers

CEL 494 Civil Liberties and Rights

CEL 494 Great American Leaders  

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Explore American political culture, constitutionalism, and leadership through the study of foundational documents and other important sources. 

Leadership and Statesmanship for the 21st Century

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This track forms future leaders through courses in political rhetoric and speech writing, American foreign policy, exemplary leadership styles, and navigating conflicts in a complex and interdependent world. 

Available courses

CEL 194 Globalism & Nationalism | (G)

CEL 294 Debates in American Public Policy and Civic Affairs 

CEL 294 Political Speechwriting 

CEL 294 Political Rhetoric and Public Speaking 

CEL 375 Politics and Leadership in the Age of Revolutions, 1775-1826

CEL 394 Ideological Origins of Anglo-American Liberty: Four Modern Revolutions

CEL 394 Left and Right Around the World

CEL 394 Politics & Leadership in the Age of Revolution

CEL 394 Shakespeare's Leadership Lessons: Performance & Politics in the Pines

CEL 394 U.S. Nat'l Security Challenges in the 21st Century 

CEL 494 National Security Policy Design 

CEL 494 Political Leadership and Statesmanship 

CEL 494 U.S. National Policy & Strategic Leadership: Afghanistan 

Economic Thought and Political Economy

Available courses

CEL 394 Classical to Modern Economic Thought

CEL 345 Classics of Modern Economic Thought: Smith to Hayek and Beyond 

CEL 394 Entrepreneurialism and Innovation 

CEL 394 Modern Political Thought 

CEL 394 Philosophy, Politics and Economics

CEL 394 The American Political Economy 

CEL 494 Adam Smith and Classical Political Economy 

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Answer fundamental questions around economic inequality, relationships between the market and the state, and how markets do (or don't) work in this track through the study of classic texts in the history of economic thought and the writings of more recent economists.