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An internship is a requirement for every student who graduates with a major in Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership. We also strongly recommend internships for SCETL minors. Internships provide valuable leadership and professional experiences for our students, giving them the outside-the-classroom learning they need to forge ahead in the 21st century. 

We need employers like you who are willing to provide opportunities for our students to work and learn in your organizations and offices. Our students understand that through internships in government offices and agencies, non-profit and political organizations, as well as private offices and businesses, they will gain the necessary practical knowledge, contacts, and experience of the professional world indispensable to success in their post graduate endeavors and careers.

We're always looking for new organizations to host our students as interns for a semester. When you hire and supervise a hard-working and intellectually serious SCETL student, you become a part of their academic learning process.

"(The student's) enthusiasm for the work is contagious, and he is truly pleased to be part of something bigger, something that builds upon his experiences at the local community."

- Former supervisor, educational organization (August 2020)

How to get involved

Hosting an intern

The school accepts internship programs for the summer, fall and spring semesters. If you're interested in submitting an internship to be posted to our internship portal, or you need to submit an evaluation for an intern you recently hosted, please fill out the evaluation form using the button below. 

Fill out the Employer Application Form. 

Evaluating a previous intern

Have you recently hosted a SCETL student as an intern in your office? We ask that you fill out this evaluation form as his or her supervisor so they can receive academic credit for their work. 

Evaluate your SCETL intern. 

Meet our internship team

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership's internship and professional development team is led by Carol McNamara, associate director for public programs.