Welcome to a new kind of program. One that looks beyond time and borders to explore the fundamental questions of life, freedom, and governance. One that looks inward to the guiding principles of America’s founders and the leaders who have inspired us. One that combines classic works and altruistic statesmanship to develop a new kind of leader: trained in critical thought, humble about human imperfection, and ready for anything. 

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The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership combines philosophy, history, economics and political science to teach students how to examine great ideas and solve contemporary problems. Courses like "Great Ideas in Politics and Ethics,"  "Justice and Virtue," and "Great Debates in American Politics and Economics" prepare students for leadership in a diverse and changing world. 

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Each year, the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership puts on The Civic Discourse Project, a speaker series designed to address the pressing issues of our time. Each conversation is aired on Arizona PBS and available on their website. Additionally, the school's podcast, Keeping It Civil, and video catalog host longer conversations with our guests. Check them out below. 


Keeping it Civil

Keeping it Civil is a regularly released podcast that seeks answers to key questions about the future of American life with fast-paced interviews with scholars and intellectuals. Hosted and produced by Lecturer and award-winning journalist B. Duncan Moench, PhD.

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SCETL Video Catalog

The school's video catalog contains more than 70 videos from three years' worth of lectures, conversations and panels with thought leaders and academics from around the country. Hear valuable discussions about Martin Luther King and his legacy, how the media impacts 21st century politics, immigration and more. 

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