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Welcome to a new kind of program. One that looks beyond time and borders to explore the fundamental questions of life, freedom, and governance. One that looks inward to the guiding principles of America’s founders and the leaders who have inspired us. One that combines classic works and altruistic statesmanship to develop a new kind of leader: trained in critical thought, humble about human imperfection, and ready for anything. 

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Students in the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership look at relevant issues through a classical, liberal arts lens. Courses combining philosophy, history, economics, and political science teach students to examine great ideas and solve contemporary problems. Courses like "Great Ideas in Politics and Ethics,"  "Justice and Virtue," and "Great Debates in American Politics and Economics" prepare students for leadership in a diverse and changing world. 

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Experiential Learning

Study Abroad SCETL

Through a partnership with ASU Study Abroad, students will have opportunities, through the Global Intensive Experience program, to hone their leadership skills outside of the United States. These opportunities are offered during academic breaks and give students the chance to travel and apply themes learned in classes to real service and leadership projects abroad. 

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SCETL Internships

Internships are an integral part of a degree in civic and economic thought and leadership. Through an internship program in the field of their interest, students will have a head start in their careers by introducing them to the people and organizations to work for, professional projects that demonstrate their abilities and the experience needed to succeed in their careers.

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Public programs

The School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership offers a robust public program series that includes brings in speakers from around the country. This diverse and bipartisan programming is free and open to the public and includes a variety of events including lectures, panels and book signings. 

Including New York Times and National Review columnists, Harvard professors, former and current politicians from both sides of the aisle and many more, our speaker series is designed to be a resource for both our students and the Arizona community. The school also puts on an annual lecture series recorded by Arizona PBS and aired regularly as part of their weekly programming. 

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